training Many organizations do not have the time to learn Spanish in the traditional way. Now, they can cut through the language barrier with our ICTM Professional Training Programs. We are dedicated to assisting organizations communicate better with its employees and customers. The ICTM Professional Training classes focus on effective communication at work, not academic proficiency. Our courses use bite-size workplace terms and phrases in a simple, easy-to-understand format. No grammar, no conjugation and no prior Spanish experience is necessary. Properly trained employees can prevent costly mistakes, increase productivity, and improve patient, customer and employee relations. For employees, we offer the opportunity to improve their communication and customer service skills with Hispanic customers, to attract new and retain existing Spanish speaking customers. For management, we provide training programs tailored to the company or organization’s specific needs, enabling them to acquire the skills to communicate better with Hispanic employees and to improve employee relations and performance. For Hispanic employees, we offer the opportunity to improve their communication skills in English to communicate better with co-workers, management and customers. These are results-oriented programs that will increase your organization’s opportunities to achieve corporate goals. Training sessions are customized and conducted at the client’s site.